Frequently Asked Questions


Should you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch if the answers cannot be found below.

*Please note that we will be updating this section of the site regularly during March and April 2014.


Can clients bring their own garments?


Komodo Image provides their own garments to ensure that our high quality standards are met both in terms of garments but also in terms of print quality.
We do not usually print on client supplied garments but please let us know what type of clothing you are looking for and we will send you a spec sheet for you to review.

In some rare cases (some larger women's Tshirts eg for a hen night) then we would consider it but other than that it is something we generally avoid.
We have access to thousands of garments so we should be able to find something that suits your needs :)



Do I need to pay for design software?

If you are not familiar with "Open Source" programs then you should do some research as there are many free programs which have been created by a multitude of developers across the globe who are keen to contribute their time and effort to code these programs.

Some of the graphics programs that are Open Source can be found below:



Use at your own risk.

(a vector based program - has the ability to scale to any size without the loss of quality)



Please be VERY wary if you find copies of this as there seems to be lots of scams relating to this software, including additional software which installs at the same time as installing Gimp. Do lots of research online before installing. It used to be simple but the original genuine site is no longer operational so I would caution you regarding this software...

Use at your own risk.

(a raster based program - for photographs and does not have the ability to scale without loss of quality)


Is there a minimum quantity per order?

Although we do not have a strict policy on a minimum order we generally do not do runs of less than 10 items.

It simply is not efficient for us to do smaller runs. If however you feel you have extenuating circumstances then by all means get in touch and I'll discuss it with my colleague and let you know the outcome.


What is your maximum print size?

Our maximum print size is 29cm across x 41cm tall.
If you require a larger print size than this they we might be able to accomodate you although there would be a significant unit cost increase.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments by Cash, Cheques, BACS, through Paypal accounts but also using Credit / Debit cards through Paypal.


What graphic files do you accept?

Please send our graphic requirements to your graphic designer
We prefer vector file formats where possible but will accept .CDR, .PDF, .AI, .SVG and .PSD.

We also prefer to receive layered files to allow us more flexibility in case some minor amendments are necessary and approved.

Please supply fonts or fonts names used in your design if you have them.

If you do not have vector graphics then please send the raster graphics in RGB 300dpi at print size.
Once payment has been received then we start working on the mockups which will need to be approved prior to production.


Can you match your print colours to our logo?

We us the Pantone Matching System (a colour standard) and can colour match to this.

Please provide us with Pantone references if you have them.

We strive to keep non-Pantone matched colours as close as possible to the orginal however everyone has variations in screen technology and print technology therefore the only way to be sure is to provide Pantone colours.


Delivery questions answered

In the very improbable event that there is an issue regarding delivery then we will take appropriate steps to get the garments to you as soon as possible.

In fact we cannot remember the last time this occured!

Our courier delivers between approximately 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Should you not be at home then a card is left through the door with instructions as to where you can pick up the items.

In some cases the delivery driver is able to deliver again either the next day or the day after.

If we do not think we can produce AND deliver your garments in time for your deadline then we will let you know prior to you placing your order as our reputation is too valuable to miss deadlines!


Can you print on the neck seam?

We can certainly print NEAR the neck seam BUT NOT ON THE SEAM as we need to print on a flat surface.


What if a particular size or colour of garment is not available?

We work with the largest clothing suppliers in the UK and Ireland to ensure that you have access to both a wide range of garments and great stock levels.

Should there be any stock issues you will be notified as soon as possible and we can discuss finding suitable alternatives.

We do not usually replace garments with alternatives without having had discussions with our clients first although in circumstances where deadlines are very tight this might occur.


Can we have garment samples for sizing?

We encourage our clients to request garment samples for sizing as we realise that most of our clients have many age groups to cater for.

Frequently our clients order personalised names on each garment so it is important that the sizing is accurate.

As you can imagine, the incorrect name or an ill fitting garment is not useful to our clients or us, although these can be sent to Ukraine where they will be used for the children in an orphanage.


Do you provide garment colour swatches?

We have access to garment colour swatches for certain types of garments although these are not always easy to come by.

You can request these from us and we will do our utmost to get them for you.

We do provide basic colour charts on our website and also in our catalogues but these are only guides and if exact colours for your team is important then the best way to choose is by using the colour swatches.